About Crown Crazed

Crown Crazed is a Kansas City Royals blog and news website, founded by Travis Pflanz, creator of Kansas City Chiefs website, ChiefsCommand.com.

At Crown Crazed, we aim to bring an honest fan’s perspective to Kansas City Royals, minor league affiliate and MLB news and information.

As well, we believe in giving back to our writers, with approved writers receiving a large chunk of advertising revenue they can generate. If you are interested in becoming a writer for Crown Crazed, let us know. We are always looking for dedicated writers.

Crown Crazed is always looking to improve and we consider all input, suggestions and recommendations. As well, if you find any errors, bugs or oddities on Crown Crazed, send us a message so we can iron them out.


Inspiration for the design of CrownCrazed.com comes from the Gawker family of websites. LifeHacker.com is one of  Travis Pflanz’s favorite websites, where he has had article from his personal website featured multiple times.

Coming Soon

Crown Crazed will be allowing readers to submit their own content, including blog posts, photos, videos and links.