• Danny Farage

    Great job on shaming the voting system

  • The voting system is ridiculous, as it is. The only way to change a flawed system is to exploit it and make a mockery of it. FYI – I don’t know if your comment is serious or sarcastic.

  • Chris Stephano

    Besides the fact that this tactic prevents the fans from seeing the best and most interesting players in the All Star Game that they wouldn’t normally have a chance to see often(Jose Altuve, Josh Donaldson, Nelson Cruz, etc.), you also helped ensure the AL team will be woefully undermatched, will lose the All Star Game and home field for the AL in the World Series. Royals fans like you pretty much ruined the Midsummer Classic. Not even sure I’m going to watch this year, since I can watch the Royals team play every day.

  • You can also think about it the other way around – The “best” AL players will be playing at the end of the game, rather than the beginning. Deserving starters will still be on the team, simply they will be playing later in the game, rather than inning #1.

    Royals are #7 in the MLB in runs scored per game, so there’s a good chance the Royals offense (plus Mike Trout) will be handing off a lead to the “best” AL players.

    Let’s not forget, Wade Davis also deserves to be an All-Star, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see Chris Young or Jason Frasor, as well. One more solid start from Chris Young, and he will have the best qualifying ERA in the AL. Davis and Frasor are the 2nd and 3rd best relief pitchers in the AL, behind Dellin Betances.

  • Brad Ballard

    why post this info? It will be easier for MLB to track this info now and they will probably disallow all votes for people who have done this. Voting for Omar is retarded and makes the other fan bases hate the Royals so great job dude.

  • Apparently, you didn’t even read the post before commenting… Obviously, the whole system is terrible. The only way to get it changed is to make a complete mockery of it. As well, ANY fan base can use this method.

  • Brad Ballard

    Yeah, I read the post. It doesn’t say anything about WHY to make a mockery out of it. This just looks bad on Royals fans.

  • yea whatever

    There’s no email verification, you can use whatever@whatever.com and it works dude

  • justin

    “there’s a good chance the Royals offense (plus Mike Trout) will be handing off a lead to the “best” AL players.”

    HAHAHAHAHA – so dumb.

  • Kid Canada

    You think Jason Frasor is the 3rd best relief pitcher in the American League? The same Jason Frasor who has given up 19 hits and 13 walks in 20 innings? He has a miraculous strand rate, so you can say he’s certainly the third-luckiest reliever in the AL.

    Wade Davis is nails, though.

  • Brad Ballard

    wonder how many of the 60 million votes thrown out were yours or related to your post

  • blitz4075

    you people are pieces of shit

  • cc

    wouldn’t mind if the Royals manage to push Trout off the list as well so he can rest during the break and be fresher for the second half of the season heading into the playoffs and world series.