Hate the MLB All-Star Voting System? Get on the #VoteRoyals Bandwagon

Get on the #VoteRoyals Bandwagon

All across the country, fans, journalists, and bloggers, alike are moaning and complaining that our beloved Kansas City Royals are sitting atop the American League All-Star voting totals, with 8 current starters.

The nation complains that the All-Star voting system is a mockery and needs to be changed.

I agree. Let me say it again – I agree! The All-Star voting system is a complete joke, a mockery of itself, created and supported by MLB. The other day I wrote How to place 1 million All-Star game votes for Royals players with a single email address. This blog post has criticized by various national outlets, including Mike and Mike in the Morning (at 23:35), Dayn Perry of CBS Sports, and Steve Steve DelVecchio of Larry Brown Sports – but praised by many of the readers/listeners of these various talking heads.

The biggest thing missed by most of the journalists about my post – This All-Star voting system is terrible, and the only way to get it changed is to make a COMPLETE mockery of it! Not only the Royals fan base, but EVERY fan base!

I don’t believe 8 Royals deserve to start in the All-Star game, but I love the fact they’re there. More than that, I’m happy there is a strong message being sent to the MLB – Your All-Star voting system is terrible!

First, I think we can all agree, get rid of home field advantage in the World Series.

As MLB fans, we need to stick together… Make as big a mockery as possible of this system for the next two weeks, and that all starts with fans across the nation agreeing to #VoteRoyals!

Are you a Fan of an NL team?

#VoteRoyals! You probably believe the Royals are over-rated as a team, right? Well, #VoteRios and get the whole team in the game. You think that will give the NL a better chance of getting home field advantage, right? Let the NL get out to a quick lead against the overrated Kansas City Royals…

Are you a Fan of an AL team?

#VoteRoyals! You probably believe your guy is better than whatever Royals player is starting at that position, right? But wait, why not build the best 8th and 9th inning lineup possible!? You think the Kansas City Royals are overrated… Why the hell would you want the Kansas City Royals players in at the END of the game, when it matters most?! Your team’s studs will get their tickets punched. They’ll be at the game… and they’ll be in the game when it matters most! Better to have the “best” players on the field when it matters, right? At the end! Let your guys come in and slam the door shut against the NL… Trout will be long gone when the 9th inning rolls around. Help save him for the 9th inning – Jump on the #VoteRios train!

Simply Want to See the System Changed?

#VoteRoyals, 9 Royals starters is the strongest way to send a message to MLB.

Vote for the 2015 MLB All-Stars!

In case you don’t know where to go, it’s here → http://mlb.com/vote

How to Make Your Vote Count

To make your vote(s) count:

  • Use a real and legitimate email address. Yes, even though you don’t have to verify it.
  • Vote only a total of 35 times.
  • Don’t try to vote again, after you’ve voted 35 times. The system will appear to accept your votes, but it doesn’t.
  • Place your votes by July 2, 2015 at 10:59 pm central time.

Can the system be beaten? Yes. Is it difficult? No, even though MLB wants you to believe so.

Bob Bowman, MLB president of business and media, said his office always has maintained a staunch approach to ferreting out ballot stuffing through the Internet. MLB makes a concerted effort to investigate votes that: 1. come from accounts created using email addresses that appear to have been tweaked in some way that too closely resemble another address; 2. multiple voting accounts that come from the same IP address; and 3. troubling patterns in voting that emerge during the reviews by a third-party company employed to chart All-Star Game balloting trends.

Bowman said that process alone leads to about 20 percent of the votes that are cast online being eliminated every year. With that in mind, all the votes MLB has reported so far have been sanitized.

via Jeffri Chadiha, Royals ruling All-Star voting for multiple reasons, all legit

Based on Bowman’s comments, if you vote more than the allotted 35, all additional votes are cancelled (between 60 and 65 million to date).

Curious whether fans are actually allowed to vote 35 times per day or 35 times total, I reached out to @MLB and @esurance on Twitter, asking for clarification. Surprisingly, esurance replied.

No doubt, fans simply going in day after day to vote 35 times is the bulk of what MLB is negating as “fraudulent” votes. Oddly, the All-Star voting system will let you come back day after day to vote, even though votes 36+ are not counted. Why? (I can’t find the direct quote right now, but) Bowman says, “if someone thinks they’re getting away with something, just let them do it.” (again, a paraphrase)


So, my baseball loving friends, let’s all join hands and #MockTogether while we #VoteRoyals! Uh… That #MockTogether thing probably isn’t going to catch on…