• Paul Torlina

    Kory, I still respectfully disagree with you.  Contraction is only an option when the marketplace is full.  There are a handful of markets still uncultivated and a few that could handle more.  The San Francisco area is a good example of a vibrant market that just needs to be tweaked or purchased.  The Giants are merely using their leverage to get a higher price.  Likewise, there are options for Portland, OKC, Vegas, a 3rd team in LA or NY, and a second team in Houston.

    Contraction only makes sense when financing those teams is the only alternative.  Both the union and the owners know that there are other options and that contraction is not a realistic option.

  • Relocation is definitely a possibility but it’s easier said than done. The Giants have absolutely zero incentive to give up San Jose to the A’s. Selig even created a panel to help find a way for the A’s to move to San Jose and nothing has changed since it was formed 3 years ago. He basically admitted to giving up in May, telling the A’s they’re on their own to negotiate with the Giants.

    OKC is far too small to support 2 pro franchise. It’s a smaller market than Birmingham, for instance. I don’t see a pro league moving a team to Vegas anytime soon, for obvious reasons. LA isn’t a big enough baseball town to support 3 teams. New York (New Jersey) could work, but a lot of people have said Selig isn’t forcing the Giants’ hands on this issue because he doesn’t want to create a precedent and eventually deal with a team trying to move to New Jersey, something the Yankees and Mets wouldn’t like. Portland seems like the most viable option of the group.