Put your #VoteMoose Tweets on Auto-Pilot

Put #VoteMoose tweets on auto-pilot

Only a few hours remain to vote for Mike Moustakas as the “Final Vote” for the 2015 MLB All-Star game. Do your part by tweeting with the hashtag #VoteMoose! Make the task even easier by putting your Tweets on auto-pilot Use this simple IFTTT.com recipe to Tweet #VoteMoose, every time someone else tweets using #VoteMoose. Start … [Read more…]

Hate the MLB All-Star Voting System? Get on the #VoteRoyals Bandwagon

Get on the #VoteRoyals Bandwagon

All across the country, fans, journalists, and bloggers, alike are moaning and complaining that our beloved Kansas City Royals are sitting atop the American League All-Star voting totals, with 8 current starters. The nation complains that the All-Star voting system is a mockery and needs to be changed. I agree. Let me say it again … [Read more…]

MLB Countering Royals fans’ Ballot Stuffing Efforts? All Royals Votes Legit?

#VoteRoyals for 2015 MLB All-Star Game

On Monday I published a blog post titled How to place 1 million All-Star game votes for Royals players with a single email address. Through a common acquaintance, this blog post was brought to the attention of Jeffri Chadiha of ESPN. Jeff was working on a piece about the Kansas City Royals All-Star voting and fan reaction … [Read more…]