• Excellent theory about Hochevar.

  • God… I hope so about Luke!

    That being said — and here is where I can’t seem to remember, find anything I am stating — Years ago Baseball Prospectus (I’m pretty sure) did a study of all catchers from 1980 (ish) through 2005 (I think) to find out if the catcher behind the plate really makes a difference on the pitching staff. The article was inspired by Mike Matheny’s (I’m pretty sure) fairly large contract he signed with the Giants and the statement from the Giants that even though Matheny’s offense was poor, he does a lot to give a boost to the pitching staff and to the team defensively.

    Essentially, the study found that the catcher actually makes no difference at all in either making a pitcher better or defensively. The study showed that a pitcher who was good was always good, no matter who was behind the plate and that passed balls and throwing out runners were essentially irrelevant to actually allowing runs, because the pitchers who were good would stop those runs from scoring anyway and the pitchers who were bad would allow those runs to score.

    Unfortunately, I do not have my old BPs (As I said, I think it was BP), so if anyone knows where to find this article, let me know

  • Maybe a pitcher who is always good would always be good no matter the catcher. Maybe the catcher makes a difference on those pitchers who are NOT always good.

  • The article goes in-depth. Hopefully, I can find it.

    It is actually a common misconception that the catcher calls the game. The catcher simply suggests a pitch, then the pitcher says yes or no. Sure, sometimes a manager will tell a young pitcher to do whatever the catcher says, and the young pitcher will be given more guidance between innings, etc, but ultimately, the pitch that is thrown is the one the pitcher wants to throw.

  • Matt nelson

    How can you say Quintero is lazy compared to Pena?! Do you watch the games at all? Lena’s fundamentals are so terrible that I would say a decent college catcher would just as good as him. Quintero also throws out stealing runners. A thing that I have yet to see Pena do this year (all I see is a poorly thrown ball that skips off into the outfield. Pena couldn’t even get a runner on a pitch out! Now I ask if quintero should really be designated?

  • All of the backup catcher uproar the past week or so on Twitter is crackin’ my ass up! If a team has a good every day catcher, the backup doesn’t really matter.

    The guys are nearly identical. Sure Quintero throws to bases, but how many times have those throws been errant, allowing further advancement or runs to score. And, Pena is probably the most aggressive player on the team when it comes to stretching a double and he is always successful.

    They’re about the same and this topic really shouldn’t matter as much as the internet Royals fans are making it out to be… Unless everyone think Salvador Perez stinks as well… This argument is even more funny than the Yuni v. Getz at second base argument.

    Why get upset about which mediocre player is in the lineup? Instead get upset that the GM built a roster with so many mediocre players. That’s a better direction for the anger.

  • Corey Nees

    Matt, Pena has thrown out  11 of 40 attempted stolen bases this seas0n, Quintero has thrown out 14 of 42 attempted stolen bases this season. Respectively that puts Pena at 28% and Quintero at 33% on the season. If this was a comparison between say, John Buck and Quintero/Pena, then I’d be in favor of keeping Quintero but the difference is negligible. Of the two Quintero does not show the hustle that Pena shows behind the plate and on the base paths. If it wasn’t for Pena’s hustle on sunday in Pittsburgh, KC wouldn’t have stod a chance at a possible comeback because Brayan stretched a normal single into a double.

    An additional reason why I think Pena will be retained is he’s signed to a club friendly contract until 2014. Quintero will be a free agent at the end of this season. The best thing KC can hope for is in the next 2 to 3 weeks that theres an injury to another team behind the plate and will create a trade market for the Royals.

  • Bob Kemp

    I’m sorry….nothing’s going to revive Hoch.   He’s done.  We need to get whatever we can get for him, and move on.

  • @Bob – I think you’re right.

    I wonder if a player has ever been released mid-game and escorted from the stadium… That would be a fitting ending for Hochevar. On the road, of course.

  • alex

    Right on the money. First game back. Hoch has a complete game shut out.

  • Bob Kemp

    I’d STILL look to move him.  All the more reason to.  Sell high….