• For Nats’ fans I sure hope they’re legit. I don’t want to see Strasburg shut down early AGAIN!

    I was watching the Dodgers game last night. They showed some stats… Kemp’s April is only the 3rd best, behind Tony Perez in 1970 and Larry Walker sometime in the mid-90s.

    Good for the Cards Lance Lynn and the rest of the SPs are nearly lights out. Give Wainwright extra time to be mediocre and losing Carpenter doesn’t hurt so much.

  • Unfortunately, the LA Times reported  last week that shutting down Strasburg early is definitely going to happen, regardless of their spot in the standings. Probably around mid-to-late August.

  • Ya, I’m sure they did… I just don’t get it though. If a guy is a stud, you might as well use him while you have him. “Protecting” him does nothing for his development. Just look at Joba Chamberlin.

    I’m glad the Rangers have become a model organization. I love Nolan Ryan’s no pitch count, not babying approach to starting pitching… And, IT WORKS!

  • It’s only because of his Tommy John surgery last year. The first year back is usually rough, especially with a young pitcher. For a guy with no injury history though, I agree. Let them pitch 120 a game if they have to.