• Disagree to the largest amount of disagreement. He was never a good starter in the minors and wasnt good enough to get a sniff in the preseason

  • So, your’re OK with the Royals drafting a player #12 overall… Then, making him a middle reliever?

    That is definitely a recipe for a failure of a MLB team…

  • No but I recognize that many 1st rd players BOMB and never make it so if they get to the pros at all, you appreciate that.

  • Mark Poulose

    Scouting is at the best it has ever been. Many Royals’ draftees have struggled their first year in the system i.e. Moose, Hos, and have gone on to success in the bigs. While Crow did struggle as a starter, he lost out on a rotation spot to the Royals’ two best pitchers this season, Paulino and Duffy. No shame in that. And he has shown the ability to get outs on the Major League level. The time has come to start him.

  • fightwookies

    Paulino not making the team out of spring training had nothing to do with Luis Mendoza. Paulino was on the DL.

  • Correct, that is what the article says – “The rest of the rotation would be filled out with Danny Duffy, a promising prospect, and Luis Mendoza, who would fill in the five spot in the rotation until Felipe Paulino returned from injury.

  • Paul Torlina

    I like the idea generally but I think his experience on the big league club shows that his numbers after his first inning of work are nowhere near as good.  Seems like it would be tough to be a starter if you could only dominate for one inning per appearance.

  • Mark Poulose

    Yes, Paul, that is a valid point. He would definitely need to go to AAA and log some starts, but I don’t see the point of the Royals starting the likes of Vin Mazzaro, Will Smith (especially after today), and Luis Mendoza over Crow. At least give the guy a shot, you drafted him and paid him to start.

  • I’m not sure he would even need to go down… The Royals could simply begin stretching him out in the Bigs. Hell, the Royals need long-relievers often enough, so he could just be stretched out while in the pen.

  • Paul Torlina

    Daniel Bard is a perfect comparison to Crow.  Bard sent to AAA today.  Shouldn’t have been jacked with, should have just been left alone.

  • Not a bad comparison, but not great. If I remember correctly, Bard projected more as a bullpen arm when drafted and the Red Sox made that transition to the pen very quickly in his minor league career. Crow worked exclusively as a starter before being called up.

  • Also, Crow projected as a #2 or 3 starter when drafted… Got to give him a chance to live up to expectations, rather than being a 7th inning guy. That is a complete draft bust if the 7th inning is the only way the Royals use him.

  • fightwookies

    I don’t crush him for struggling in AA because he was coming off of that year off. If he was going to be a starter, he would already be a starter. This is a starting pitching starved team, if there was an indication that he could start, he would be starting. There is something that just isn’t there with him. Crow is essentially a 2 pitch pitcher. He needs to develop a third pitch (and maybe a fourth) before he could become a decent starter, but that isn’t going to happen in the bullpen.