• True on most points, but I don’t see where the Royals will benefit tremendously from having Getz back. Also, tho I like Cain and expect him to do well, I have seen no evidence of it so far.

  • Sanchez is going to get at least 2 more starts before he gets designated for assignment and we call up Jake Odorizzi.  This was supposed to be the spot where Montgomery gets called up but with him being sent to AA this is Odorizzi’s spot now.  Dayton Moore had to take a shot at a starting pitcher and when Melky turned down a similar offer to the one Frenchy got in the offseason Dayton had to find a trade for a starting pitcher.  Now they just don’t want to admit that they made the wrong trade.

    Getz coming back won’t have that big of an impact, other than he will get some starts at 2nd when we are facing right handed pitchers but overall the 2nd base spot is Yuni’s.

    While I don’t totally disagree with you on Yost and the way he manages, I just don’t see a new manager doing anything different that will have an impact.  Would be a good article for you to write though.  Yost vs. New Manager and the differences in how they would run the teak