• Zachary, welcome to Crown Crazed!

    A note – Moore’s first draft with the Royals was 2006, drafting Luke Hochevar #1 overall. However, Moore claims that he removed himself from all draft decisions in 2006 because he had just been hired a few weeks before and he knew the Braves draft plans. I think it’s BS, but that’s me. Anyway, my point: Butler was drafted in 2004 with Allard Baird at the helm.

    Nonetheless, the marketing dept. screwed themselves this year. I have no idea how the organization went with “Our Time” without a major overhaul in the rotation from 2011 to 2012.

  • JD

    THIS is what the whole organization gets for axing Frank White, a well-respected member of the team’s glory days under the late Ewing Kauffman.  Little known fact is that Mr. White attended Lincoln High School and was a product of  “Mr. K’s” old baseball Academy. Now, we have David Glass, who seems to be applying those crazy coo-coo gonzo tactics of WalMartism to baseball. I had a BAD feeling when I heard he was the new owner, and with the firing of Frank White under his watch, I’m done. Like Frank, “I won’t step foot…” inside that ballpark again. I LOVE this city (more than I care to admit sometimes), but this…this is beyond the effing PALE. GO TIGERS! (Always liked Jim Leyland….Remember shots of him in the dugout SMOKING ciggys when he skippered back in the day! LOL)

  • I don’t know you can put all the blame on Glass. He has spent more money in the draft over the last 5 years. He has spent SO much, in fact, that the other owners are trying to pass draft cap spending limits to stop him from spending in the draft.

    Yes, not buying FAs (yes, I meant to use the word “buy”) can suck sometimes, but what’s the point in spending money in FA when the rest of the roster isn’t ready/good enough to win yet?