• Have we made a roster move? Well, we’ll certainly be more tired than them.

  • 2B Chris Getz 15-day DL w/ a lateral strain in left lower leg, option RHP Nate Adcock to Omaha, recall RHP Louis Coleman and LHP Tommy Hottovy from Omaha to bolster bullpen.

  • We have no backup infielder. Mitch Maier?

  • As far as I can tell, we have no backup middle infielder. I took out the original post to revise, and apparently it took the response with it.

  • I would be willing to bet there will be another move or two for tomorrow.

    This is just me thinking aloud here, but Moose started out as SS (drafted) and Gordon 3B.

    Robert Ford said Collins and Crow are emergency situations in the OF and Broxton to pinch hit.

  • My confusion on the roster moves is that we ran out of fielders in St. Louis (I understand it took 15 innings), but the point remains. We had a SP pinch hit, so logically the Royals thought we should add more pitchers. Or they can play the outfield if need be. The pitching hasn’t been an issue lately, the hitting has. Confused again.