• I theorized this B4 I read the article. In fact, did we wait until the season was 3/4 over and rat him out?

  • Mark Poulose

    If the royals knew he was on PED’s why would they offer him a two year deal? That is fact. They offered him a contract. That cannot be refuted.

  • Paul Torlina

    Mark, where is your evidence to prove that your “fact” cannot be refuted?  Is your only evidence is an acknowledgment from the Royals that they offered him a two-year deal?  If your answer is “Yes” then it is merely a statement made that is easily refuted.  Example: You may remember that the Royals also stated prior to the season that they were comfortable with relying on Duffy and Paulino as members of the 2012 rotation.  After both were injured and lost for the season, Dayton Moore himself said that the Royals knew that both pitchers were a significant injury risk.  Any statement from the team can be refuted because they constantly craft any statement they make with Public Relations in mind.  You ARE aware that the Royals have a PR staff, yes?

    There is no way in the hell the Royals would EVER publicly admit that they knew Cabrera was using PED’s.  EVER.

  • Mark Poulose

    Yeah, I bet the government caused 9/11 too. Just because they acknowledged and dismissed that conspiracy doesn’t make it not true!! Come on man, this take is just ridiculous. Conspiracy theory at its finest.  If you look at his aggregate numbers, his spike in BABIP while playing in KC and SF coincided with his rise in average. Percentage wise, he did not hit more homeruns. He hit more ground balls this year in SF than ever throughout his career. His speed did not dramatically increase and his defense graded out about the same. There was no evidence through modern statistics that he had been using performance enhancing drugs. His batting average was higher simply because his BABIP was higher–simply, it was better because he was lucky.